I say Tom-Aaaayyy-To. My husband says Tom-Aaahhh-To. Until we moved Mr. Englishman to the Middle-of-Nowhere-Kentucky, and he had to learn how to say lots of things, like Tom-Aaaay-To, and Y'all, and All Y'all.

This goat milk soap is fragranced with tomato flower and cucumber, and smells like you just came in from the vegetable garden.  Colored with red madder root powder and green clay.

All my soaps are made with an old-fashioned lye soap recipe (just like great-grandma used to make), but I replace some of the water in the recipe with milk from goats raised on my farm in western Kentucky. Goat milk gives the soap a neutral pH level, so it won't dry out your skin.  The remaining ingredients are a yummy list of oils and butters - coconut, cocoa, shea, and so on.  Almost good enough to eat! (Please don't....really)

Tom-Ay-To Tom-Ah-To Goat Milk Soap

  • Goat milk, Filtered water, Rice bran oil, Caster oil, Lye, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Palm oil, Babassu oil, Fragrance oil, Madder root powder, Green clay