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"Just had a second biopsy performed on my back, leaving a large lesion and stitches, about 3-4 inches. They wanted me to use AquaFir, but since that is just medical grade Vaseline, I opted for your lotion bar. Stopped the itching and some of the pain immediately."


CBD & Thieves Solid Lotion Bar

CBD oil is a non-THC industrial hemp derivative that has seen a lot of press lately.  It may be the cures-all from epilepsy to chronic pain to depression.

This topical lotion bar hopes to take advantage of all CBD has to offer for muscle and joint comfort.  Most evidence is currently anecdotal, but...

As well as 20 mg of CBD Oil from industrial hemp grown and processed in Kentucky, each bar of CBD & Thieves includes arnica- and calendula-infused oils, Copaiba essential oil (another cannabinoid, an amplifier and useful essential oil in it's own right) and a Thieves essential oil blend of cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass, rosemary and eucalyptus...which smells gorgeous (IMHO).​

At just $10 per tube (plus shipping, including sales tax), we feel this is an affordable way to experience goodness in a little plastic tube.

*New* We now also have an Extra Strength Bar available with 30 mg of CBD oil, for $15 (plus shipping, including sales tax).

Here's the thing, though: because of conflicting federal and state definitions, laws and regulations, several online outlets will not allow the sale of CBD oil products.

Therefore, if you would like to order this product, please contact Heather or Charles directly by telephone or email and we will make arrangements for payment and shipping.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that soon this problem will be eliminated so we can bring this wonderful product to everyone, everywhere!

Please note: This product usually ships in 1 to 2 business days, however due to demand, may be delayed by up to five business days. If your order will be shipped in more than 2 days, you will be notified of its expected shipping date.  


Thank you!

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