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Mistletoe Mission

Do you have a Mistletoe Mission? Where can you making a difference during this holiday season?

Every Christmas I get together with my family and we talk and play with the kids and eat (boy, do we eat!). This year, though, I want to help someone else enjoy the season of giving, make their holidays a little better, and believe in the goodness of strangers.

So at first, I thought I would have to not travel out of town to visit family for Christmas. That in order to complete my Mistletoe Mission, I would have to give up my own comfort and joy.

Then a flash of inspiration - could I find a way to make my Mistletoe Mission their Mistletoe Mission, too. You betcha!

Within half an hour of my aunt's house, there is a 130-year-old children's home, and they were more than happy to accept my offer of spending a couple of hours with their kids, doing crafts (of course) and eating cookies.

These children are not able to be with their own families, for any number of devastating reasons. They range in age from under a year old to 18-years-old. Some have been there for a couple of days, and some haven't been able to live at home for years.

Thankfully, when I told my folks what I planned to do, everyone jumped on board. There might even be more of us there than kids (which would be fantastic, because that means most kids were able to go home for Christmas).

I hope it will not only help my family to remember how lucky we are to have each other, but to help these kids feel love and acceptance. Even if it's just for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

I challenge you to make your own Mistletoe Mission - find somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to do it with! Bring holiday cheer, eat cookies, sing songs.

Share your Mistletoe Mission on The Craftist Facebook Page and include the hashtag #MistletoeMission. To help, we have a FREE! template and instructions for making ornaments out of shrink plastic.

Make new friends. Create community connections. Learn what love means.

Happy Holidays! The Craftist

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