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Your Creative is Showing

A few years ago, I was sitting in a training meeting for my 9 to 5, when I heard a statistic:

Ninety-five percent of five-year-olds are creative....

Only five percent of forty-year-olds are creative.

A huge explosion went off in my head! I had just turned 40, and I certainly did not consider myself to be creative. Sure, I did lots of crafts, made soaps, sewed clothes, knitted, cooked, decorated cakes and cookies, but I still would not have described myself as an artist, as a creative.

I decided right there that something had to be done about this!

The first step was a total mind shift: to be creative I had to be creative. I had to allow myself time to spend on this endeavor, and not be over critical of myself if my creativity did not result in the perfection I usually crave.

Baby steps resulted in:

Since that turned out all right, I was emboldened. I kept trying new things:

Today, there are no limits to the creativity I will commit!

I believe everyone has creativity inside them, as long as you let it show. It can be scary, but it's not like you have to put on a gallery show! Keep trying new things, turn off your inner critic, have fun - if it brings you joy, contentment, relaxation, excitement, calm or any other positive emotion that you need, just do it.

And you can always give your products away as Christmas gifts, thereby completely rationalizing the money you spend buying materials.

Make. Learn. Create. Now! Lots of love, Heather

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